Mitel SX-50 Console - Professionally Refurbished

Mitel SX-50 Console - Professionally Refurbished
Mitel SX-50 Console - Professionally RefurbishedMitel SX-50 Console - Professionally Refurbished
Condition:Professionally Refurbished!
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Warranty:Two Year Warranty!
Item #:mitel-sx50-console
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IMPORTANT: Do you have a worn-out or non-working Mitel SX-50 console?

For only $375 we will send you a Mitel SX-50 loaner console to use while we repair and refurbish yours. Contact us for details.

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The Mitel SX-50 console is the attendant console for the SX-50 system.

PLEASE NOTE: There are multiple versions of the SX-50 Console. Be sure to select the part number of the version you need by using the drop-down box above the "Add to Shopping Cart" button.

The part number is located on a sticker on the bottom of the console and begins with "9104-060".

If you have any questions feel free to contact us via telephone or email.

The following describes the differences between each version of the SX-50 console:
  • 9104-060-001 - Beige with a stationary screen.
  • 9104-060-100 - Beige with a tilt screen.
  • 9104-060-101 - Light Gray with a tilt screen.
  • 9104-060-102 - Light Gray with a tilt screen.

This item has been completely refurbished by iStream Communications to look and operate like new. Unlike others, our refurbishing process does NOT consist of just a simple cleaning. All refurbished telephone sets and consoles have undergone a rigorous multi-step reconditioning process. This includes a complete inspection of hardware/mechanical components and a complete electronics diagnostics test. This refurbished console comes with the following:
  • Professionally repainted housing.
  • New handset.
  • New handset cord.
  • New line cord.
  • New designation strips.

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