Hospitality Room Phones, Voicemail, Music-on-Hold and More

Hospitality Room Phones, Voicemail, Music-on-Hold and More
iStream has solutions for all your hospitality telephone system needs. Whether you need tech support, a single telephone set or an entire, custom-configured, refurbished Mitel phone system you can count on iStream!

Our refurbished Mitel equipment and Mitel repair services make maintaining your phone system more affordable and you get the guarantee of the iStream two year warranty.

Before you spend all those dollars on a new phone system just so you can have some new features, give us a call. For a fraction of the cost of a new phone system, you can add voicemail, music on hold, auto-attendant, call accounting features and more to your existing system!

Mitel Repair Prices
We repair everything Mitel. Our work is backed with a two year warranty. Check out our prices!
Advance Replacement
SAVE MONEY! Exchange your worn-out or non-working Mitel product for a refurbished replacement!
iStream Quality
Learn more about what puts iStream refurbished products and repairs above the rest.